Malware Protection

What Is Malware?

Malicious software , or Malware for short, is an all-encompassing term for viruses, worms, trojans and other harmful computer code hackers use to gain access to sensitive information and wreak havoc or destruction i the systems they enter.
There are over a billion websites that are not protected! Is yours?

Why Should I Be Protected?

Unprotected websites are open to being hacked. Once a hacker has gained access to our website they could inject code that can perform any number of tasks, including using your site as a method to send out email, crawl your site for personal information or intercept any users entering information on your website and use it to sell on the dark web. Some hackers do it just for fun and maliciously change the data and content on your site or disable the functionality and demand a ransom to get it restored!

Recovering from a hack or malware in general can be very costly both in terms of down time and dollars, it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars!

No web site is immune completely from hackers, generally the more common the code the more likely it is to be hacked, this goes for html, php, java, WordPress (both Plugins and Themes are hacked regularly).

It is important to stay protected and update your systems regularly.

All Cybernet Hosted websites are covered by anti-malware software and are monitored on a regular basis.

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